The Starlet - All Metals

$ 4,400.00

Brand linhardt design

Have you seen this classic style a million places, yet always seem to run into some issue that prevents you from buying it off-the-shelf ? Perhaps the stone was set too high, the metal color was not right for your skin, or the center stone was the wrong size? Maybe you really wanted a colored gemstone as the centerpiece instead of a diamond, or dreamed of incorporating an heirloom gem - without paying the price of a completely custom design from scratch? 

At Linhardt Design, we now offer personalized services that allow you to re-configure the elements of our best-selling engagement and wedding designs - to create a one-of-a-kind ring created just for you. Each piece is made-to-order artisanally, locally in NYC, to ensure the highest refinement in design, sound engineering, and impeccable craftsmanship. Whether you live in NYC, out-of-state, or even internationally - you will be working directly with Linhardt to create an art piece that is tailored to your specifications. The project includes guidance along the way to help make you make informed decisions, and results in a piece tailored to your lifestyle, preferences, and budget.

With this design, you have the flexibility of reconfiguring the following:

1) Gemstone Origin - You may to choose to incorporate your own gemstone or allow us to guide you through a new purchase.
2) Gemstone Type/Color - You may change the center stone to be a colored diamond instead of a white diamond - or choose an altogether different kind of gemstone, as long as it is round in shape.
3) Metal Type/Color - You may choose from our gorgeous palette of custom metal colors.
4) Ring Size and Band Width - You may specify certain measurements of the ring such as finger size and width/height of the band.
5) Gemstone Height - You may specify the height you prefer the gemstone to be set.

This is the perfect project for someone looking for a "semi-custom" setting that allows for flexibility in creating classic design, is handmade with a transparent supply chain, includes you in the process or creation, offers one-on-one expertise and so much more. For us, Semi-Custom and Custom work is our specialty. Read our reviews to see you will not only get a fabulous ring but also a memorable experience!

Prices below include all materials and services (personalization, labor, metal, side diamonds) - everything EXCEPT the center gemstone. We recommend you create a separate budget for your gemstone,and work backwards from there.

* Diamonds included on band to fit in these parameters - approx 30 ct, size chosen to scale of center stone and can range anywhere from 1.1mm to 1.5mm in size. Metal included for size 8 and below finger; 2.5mm max width of band.