The Möbius - Thin Band - All Metals

$ 980.00

Brand linhardt design

Our Möbius designs are rooted in the mathematical properties of the Möbius strip, which is a shape that is non-orientable in form. Known to math gurus and design aficionados alike, this historically German term is often used to define a torqued strip that does not have a definitive beginning or an end. The Möbius's unbroken and infinite qualities carried to ring form conjure a similar "circle of life" metaphor paired with your average circular wedding band - yet is subtly more dynamic in form. Its curved shape evokes movement in what is otherwise a static ring, and clearly defines this classic look with a (literal) "twist".

Each piece is handmade to order, and can be customized with your choice, using the Linhardt palette of custom metal colors.

Approximate Dimensions - 1.5mm at thinnest point; 2.3mm at widest